2017-18 Dress Code

All students (K-12):
• School-issued, collared, yellow CSAT polo shirt (alternate school-logo apparel may be approved
   on a specific basis to recognize school-sponsored events).
• School-issued fleece or a solid navy blue sweater may be worn over school polo — no athletic 
   apparel or garments with hoods.
• Undershirts should be solid white.
• Footwear should be black ONLY dress shoes with a hard rubber sole and closed toe and heel. No sneakers, work 
   boots, military boots or winter boots.
• Properly sized (must be firmly around waistline) navy or black dress pants with belt loops that   
   can be utilized with a solid black or brown belt, no cosmetic or oversized buckles. 
• Navy or black shorts may be worn August through October 1 and from May 1 through June.

• Navy blue or black dress slacks or skirts (knee-length or longer)
• Navy or black capri-style pants may be worn from August through October 1 and from 
   May 1 through June.

Jewelry Wear (All Students)

  No wearing of any jewelry, including necklaces, earrings (no ear bars or plugs), watches, bracelets
    or facial/body piercings. Piercing retainers are allowed if they are clear and flush with the skin.


General Dress Code Information (All Students) 

  Head wear may only be worn for religious purposes. 

  Clothing should be neat, clean and in good repair and not too short/long, too tight or revealing.

  Hair color other than natural colors is not permitted.

  Real or fake tattoos on students must be covered at all times.

  Writing on exposed skin is not allowed.

  Reasonably sized purses that are not disruptive to the classroom environment are acceptable.

Physical Education Uniform (applies to grades 4-8):
• Gold CSAT athletic logo tee.
• Navy shorts or sweatpants.
• Cross trainer sneakers (no high-tops). Sneakers are to be worn for PE class ONLY.
   Physical Education uniforms can be purchased at www.csatgear.com

 dress code
  • K-12 Dress Code Handbook

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  • Uniform Prices

    Click the form below to see the price list for uniform purchases. 
    K-12 dress code shirts and fleeces can only be purchased at the Family Support Center (317 Vulcan Street).
    ▪ Cash & Carry
    Uniform shirts and fleeces are only available at the Family Support Center and are not available for pre-order.  Payment is due at the time of pick-up. Cash or money order only!
    ▪ Hours
    The hours of the Family Support Center are 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. on weekdays while school is in regular session. 
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