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    English Language Learner's Homepage!

    The English as a New Language (ENL) department is designed around students who have been identified as English Language Learners (ELL).  All students who participate come form homes where another language, other than English, is spoken.
    CSAT's ENL team work in the regular classroom and in small group settings to improve and enhance the writing, reading, listening and English-speaking skills of the students involved.
    For more information, questions or comments, contact the ENL team:
    Mrs. Kiel
    CSAT Room 307
    Mrs. Long
    CSAT Room 307
    (716) 876-7505
    Miss Briand
    CMSAT Room 120
    (716) 710-3065
    Mr. Moussa
    CHSAT Room 17
    (716) 871-7400
    Mrs. Whitcomb
    CHSAT Room 17
    (716) 871-7400