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    Welcome to Mr. Sciandra's home page for the students and parents of CSAT located in Buffalo, New York.

    This site is to keep you informed about what is happening in our classrooms and our school. Scroll down the web page to find our contact information, important forms & documents, quick links, and our calendar. We hope you enjoy your visit!
    This will be my 15th year at CSAT, and my 22nd year as an educator.  I will be teaching 7th and 8th grades.  I have a master's in Earth Science Education and I am certified in Earth Science, Biology, and General Science (7-12).  In 8th grade, students will be learning the following:  Astronomy will be our first unit due to student's missing this unit in the spring, due to shutdown.   (Unit 1):     Cells   (Unit 2):  Respiration/Photosynthesis. (Unit 3): Human Body Systems. (Unit 4) Genetics and Heredity.  (Unit 5): Evolution, Ecology, and Animal Classification.  Students will be possibly taking the New York State performance and written assessment in May and June of 2021.  In 7th grade, students will be learning the following:   (Unit 1):  Density and Laboratory Safety/Equipment.  (Unit 2):  Geology.  (Unit 3):  Weather and Climate.  (Unit 4):  Astronomy.   Any questions about our science program, or about your child's progress in science,  please email or call the listed number below.  Thank you for visiting my web page.
    Room G1
    Phone:  716-710-3065 Extension:  8001 
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