• Emergency Drill Procedure - May 20, 2019

    Thank you to the students, staff and parents/guardians for their patience and cooperation on Monday, May 20 as the Middle School practiced an emergency Lockdown procedure. 
    PARENTS/GUARDIANS of STUDENTS IN GRADES 6-8: If you did not receive a One-Call-Now automated voice message between 9:27 & 9:40 a.m. on May 20, please contact Susan Bilquin at 876-7505 ext. 4120 to update your contact information or confirm CSAT has your most updated contact information. In the event of a real emergency, CSAT relies on accurate phone numbers to get in contact with parents. 

    1) Why did CSAT inform parents of the drill?

    Timely communication with parents is a continuous hurdle with the everyday use of technology. The students and staff did NOT know it was a drill, therefore if any students text or called their parents during the drill scenario, parents would surely get worried and flood the phone system. CSAT wants to be sure communication during an emergency can be done quickly and accurately. It is also part of CSAT's emergency procedure to inform parents of any drills of this magnitude. Click here to read through CSAT's Emergency Guide for Parents. Go over this with your child and please understand what parents should do in a real-time emergency.

    Parents should NOT call CSAT for information during an emergency. The school will contact you with relevant information.

    2) What was the drill scenario?

    The scenario was that a teacher witnessed an unidentified individual in the building who appeared agitated and was shouting threats at students and staff. Because the individual appeared aggressive, the appropriate thing to do was to initiate a Lockdown. CSAT has security plans in place at all times, and in the event that the security system has been breached and there is an internal threat, a Lockdown will be called. In this event, staff must lock their doors, and move students to an area of the room that is away from the door and windows. Lights should be left on. Students and staff can only come out of a Lockdown by law enforcement unlocking the door and informing them that all is clear.

    For definitions of Emergency Response Procedures, check out CSAT's Emergency Guide for Parents