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    summer reads


    Read any book of your choice. When you finish the book, complete a Digital Reading Response form to show us that you read your book.Enter your name.

    Enter the title of the book you finished.

    Enter 5 sentences telling us what your book was about (summary of the book).

    Click the right amount of stars (1-3 stars) to tell us how much you liked or did not like your book.

    Click the Submit button at the bottom of the Digital Reading Response form.

    Your Digital Reading Response form is then sent in an email so we can keep track of who is reading their 5 books and finishing their Digital Reading Response form.

    Could it get any easier?!  

  • RULES:

    The CSAT Summer Reading Challenge begins Sunday, June 28th and ends on Sunday, August 16, 2020 and is for any CSAT student that just completed K-4th grade. Students must completely read 5 books during the start and end dates of this reading challenge in order to be eligible to receive a prize. This program is relying on the "honor system" of completing the required number of books in order to receive your prize. You should be honest about your reading and ONLY complete a Digital Reading Response form if you actually read the entire book. Please do not complete a Digital Reading Response form for a book that you already finished before the start date of the CSAT Summer Reading Challenge.

  • HELP ME!!!

    Here are some helpful hints at finishing all 5 books before the end of the reading challenge:

    Can't decide what to read? Click the link below to see our lists of recommended books broken down by age group.

    Book list for ages 3-6

    Book list for ages 6-9

    Book list for ages 9-12

    Can't find a book to read? Click here to see the list of public libraries near you.

    Don't have a public library card? Click here to find out how easy it is to applying for a public library card.

    Public libraries offer ebooks for free, and they have a huge selection of children's ebooks. It is a safe way to read books this summer, and one of Mrs. Quick's favorite ways to get her reading done! :) Check with your local public library to find out how to get ebooks on your electronic device.

  • CSAT Summer Reading Challenge 2020

    Did you know that when kids read over the summer they are more likely to "leap ahead" when they return to school?

    This is often called the "summer leap", and CSAT has made it a priority to keep our students' skills sharp

    by encouraging them to read all summer long.

Last Modified on June 10, 2020