Welcome to the Charter School
for Applied Technologies!

At the  Charter School for Applied Technologies we don’t just have a mission, we are on a mission. We envision success, plan for excellence, and understand that the true goal of education is to develop critical thinkers with strong character and leadership skills. At CSAT we have a character trait each month and prepare our children with the skill sets relevant to careers. The students in K-5 have a monthly Character Education Assembly where students are rewarded for displaying the Character Trait of the Month. The Charter School for Applied Technologies is dedicated to meet the needs of all children through differentiated instruction and many extra-curricular opportunities.

Charter School for Applied Technologies
2303 Kenmore Avenue
Buffalo, New York 14207
Phone: 716-876-7505
Fax: 716-876-9758
Principal: Andrew J. Lyle
Assistant Principal: Sue Jurewicz
Office Staff: Yaritza Draine & Veronica Vega
Student Information Office: Melinda Cebulski
Enrollment Office: Susan Bilquin
Transportation Office: Karen Gould