• MS Situation

    MS Situation

    The following message was delivered to MS families on December 8, 2017: Good evening Middle School families. This is Brandon Pafk, Principal at CMSAT. I wanted to inform you of a situation that occurred today when a student brought medication to school and distributed it to several other students. Fortunately, school protocols led to the quick confiscation of the drug and identification of all involved. Everyone involved is safe and disciplinary action has been taken in accordance with our school code of conduct. We commend the actions of those who brought the safety issue to our attention, as safety is our first priority. It is critical that both students and staff remain vigilant to the dangers that both illegal and legal drugs pose to our children. I would like to ask for your help in speaking with your child about the dangers of drug use and the importance of reporting suspected drugs at any time. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions. Thank you and have a good weekend.

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  • Student Start Time

    Student Start Time

    The following message was delivered to K-5 families on Thursday, December 7:
    Good evening, this is Mr. Lyle, CSAT elementary principal. A reminder to families of students arriving by car or walking, that classes begin at 8 a.m. at which time elementary students are expected to be in their classrooms and in their seats. If your child is not taking the bus to school, we ask that you allow enough time each morning for your child to arrive to our building and get to their classroom by 8 a.m. Thank you for your cooperation in helping our students succeed.

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  • MS Saturday Detention

    MS Saturday Detention

    The following message was delivered to select MS families on December 6, 2017:
    Good evening, This is Brandon Pafk, Principal at CMSAT, and I am calling to remind you that your child has a Saturday detention scheduled for this Saturday December 9th. Please make sure your child arrives at the Middle School no later than 8:00am in full dress code with either work to do or a book to read. Students will be dismissed at 11:45 am. Please notify the school if there is any reason that your child cannot attend as those who are not present will receive an out of school suspension. Thank you and have a good evening.

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  • Elementary School Lockdown Drill

    Elementary School Lockdown Drill

    The following message was delivered to K-5 families on Tuesday, December 5 at 9:30 a.m.:
    Today, December 5 at 9:30 a.m., the Charter School for Applied Technologies’ Elementary School building will be practicing an emergency Lockdown procedure. Again, the K-5 building will go on Lockdown at approximately 9:30 a.m. Please remember that this is just a drill and your child is safe during this emergency response practice procedure. Your child’s safety is CSAT’s number one priority. Drilling safety protocols maximizes the preparedness of the school to respond in emergency situations. Please check CSAT’s website for additional information about the drill, emergency response definitions and to take a look at CSAT’s Emergency Guide for Parents.

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  • CSAT Winter Concerts Approaching

    CSAT Winter Concerts Approaching

    The following message was delivered to K-12 families on Friday, December 1 at 6 p.m.:
    Good afternoon, CSAT families! This very important call is to remind you that our annual winter concerts are taking place all next week. Remember that concerts will be held at our Middle School located at 24 Shoshone Street, and will begin at 6:30 pm. This year, CSAT music department merchandise will be for sale before and after the performances. Please join us as we hear the Elementary groups on Monday, Dec. 4th, the middle school groups on Wednesday, Dec. 6th and the high school groups on Thursday, Dec. 7th. We cannot wait to see you there! Thank you and have a great weekend.

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