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CHSAT Travels to Albany for Advocacy Day

CHSAT students traveled to Albany on February 7 to participate in NYS Charter School Advocacy Day. Over 1,300 charter school supporters, including parents, students, teachers, staff and political figures from Buffalo, NYC, Rochester, Syracuse and many other cities were on hand to celebrate school choice, and to fight for equal funding, building aid, and a cap lift.
Throughout the day's events, the 34 CSAT students participated in a rally, and personally met with Senator Jacobs and Kennedy about their stance on public choice, and what charter schools need to be successful, including funding for STEM education, technology, athletics and the performing arts. 
Fair funding, facility aid and a cap lift 
At this time, charters receive about 2/3 of the per pupil funding from districts, the remaining 1/3 stays with the student's home district. This forces charters to do more with less, especially since charters do not receive building aid and must pay out of pocket for these expenses. Currently, only 30 charters are left to be authorized in New York State before the cap is reached. Charter schools are asking for legislators to remove the cap on charters. There should be no limit on quality education!