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Oh, What a Game!

The Gentlemen's Society at the High School is staying busy! They recently took over a box at the Sabres game against the San Jose Sharks, courtesy of the team. And the Sabres won 4-3 in overtime!
It hasn't been the group's only fun event this year, they've also hosted a Homecoming tailgate party and traveled to Letchworth State Park. The Gentlemen's Society is comprised of juniors and seniors who act as role models to the student body, and work to create events that are fun for all grade levels. They meet every Wednesday to discuss issues and ideas to build on the culture in the building.
Students were originally hand-picked by teachers and were recognized for being leaders. But as the year progressed, students were allowed to join through peer recommendations. Characteristics Gentlemen must have are: good behavior in the cafeteria and hallways, good decision making, treating peers and teachers with respect, membership in other clubs and/or sports, potential leadership ability.
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