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Round 2 for Breakfast of Champions!

Congratulations is in order for the 105 high school students who earned an average of 90 or higher to make it on the lists of high honor and honor roll! 
From Freshman to Seniors, 24 students earned an average of 94-100% earning them selves high honor roll, and 81 students who earned honor roll status, had an average of 90-94%. 
To celebrate these students and their academic achievements, CSAT initiated the Breakfast of Champions. Students who worked hard to get an average of 90 or higher were invited to join their fellow honor roll achievers with a breakfast in which they were able to invite two family members to join them to celebrate their success. Students enjoyed breakfast with their families celebrating their academic achievements for the second quarter while being praised by Superintendent Mr. Martinez, Principal Ms. Morgante, Mr. Monaco and many other teachers and staff members who also joined to celebrate these student's success.
CSAT looks forward to hopefully an even bigger crowd at the next Breakfast of Champions! Congratulations to all the students who earned honor or high honor roll, keep up the good work!