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Mock Trial Team Defying the Odds

The High School's Mock Trial team is undefeated and heading to the championships!

Sponsored by the Bar Association of Erie County, the Mock Trial Tournament is a competitive program where students participate in rehearsed trials to learn about law, the legal system and court procedures, which also improves students' basic skills such as listening, reasoning and ability to think on their feet. Sponsored in conjunction with the New York State Bar Association's Law, Youth and Citizenship Committee, the Erie County champions will go on to the Regional Tournament, followed by the NYS Tournament held in Albany.
Heading into the Erie County quarter-finals on March 4, the CHSAT team was prepared for a tough trail against Buffalo Seminary, and came out on top. A few short hours after their win, they took on number one seeded Sacred Heart, and again, defeated the team during the semi-finals. In the coming weeks, the team will take on Iroquois High School in the Erie County championship round.
Coach and science teacher at CHSAT, Dina Ferraraccio, said "I've witnessed a group of kids who are so collaborative, positive, and hard working, reach a level of expertise and maturity that as a teacher, I could only dream about. What they've been able to accomplish in five months is living proof that our kids can literally do anything with a growth mindset, supportive resources, and a tremendous work ethic." 
CHSAT, the only other school in Erie County other than City Honors that represented Buffalo public school students, has also defeated St. Joes, Canisius High School, and Grand Island this season. The team, comprised of twelve diverse 9-12 grade students is defying the odds. The only charter school in competition, CSAT was seeded six out of 25 schools going into the finals.
The team has partnered with University at Buffalo Law School and Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael J. Adler the past four years to prepare for competition. Students, coaches and mentors meet daily from 3:30 – 6:30 p.m. during trial season (Nov. – until defeated).
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