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Spread the Word to End the Word

The High School welcomed special guests from Danceability Dance Studio in Cheektowaga to help kick off the Special Olympics' campaign, Spread the Word to End the Word. The dance studio, created for individuals with special needs, sent guests Jamie and Lindsey to speak to seniors about the need to educate the community about why the word "retard/retarded" is offensive and hurtful.
Jamie and Lindsey spoke about the relationships they've formed within the dance studio, why they enjoy the program, and spoke about the challenges they've faced as special needs individuals. They also gave a special dance performance from a past recital. CSAT seniors were so engaged, respectful and entertained by the performance, they didn't move when the bell rang! 
A banner at the High School was hung for students to sign their name to pledge to not say the r-word in support of the Special Olympics campaign.
"Not only was I impressed with the students' behavior, but the mother's of the two dancers were grateful for the kindness and attention given to their children today. Both of the mother's complimented the kids and were impressed with our school," said CHSAT teacher Erin Griggs. 
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