•  Primary Project


    What is Primary Project?

    • A school-based early intervention and prevention program.
    • Designed to enhance school related competencies and reduce social, emotional and school  
      adjustment difficulties in children kindergarten through third grade.


    How are children selected to participate?

    • Children K-3 are screened by asking teachers to complete a checklist of questions about their
                - Social interactions
                - Happiness
                - Success in learning
    • Children who may be shy, anxious, withdrawn, exhibit problems engaging other peers in positive 
      relationships, or lacking interest in school.


    Who will work with the children?

    • Child associates, who are selected based on their natural abilities to work well with children.
    • They receive ongoing training and supervision by the school social worker.


    If my child is selected, what will he or she be doing in the program?

    • Child associates form a trusting relationship with the child using play based strategies.
    • Children are typically seen once a week for 30-40 minutes usually for one semester or 12-15


    How will parents be involved?

    • Asked to sign a permission form if they would like their child to be involved in Primary Project.
    • Encouraged to communicate directly with the school social worker and child associate and attend
      parent conferences to establish goals and review progress.