• Family Support Center

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    The Family Support Center at CSAT has been created to strengthen its students and families through school, community and parent collaboration in order to promote student success and well-being.  It has also become home to the Transportation and Enrollment Offices and for uniform purchases.
    317 Vulcan Street
    Buffalo, New York 14207
    Phone: (716) 871-7400
    Fax: (716) 871-5925
    Director of the Family Support Center: Sarah Rohde
    Transportation Services: Karen Gould
    Enrollment Office: Susan Bilquin
    Main Office: Rosalina Senquis

    Below is some information and frequently asked questions about the Family Support Center and its benefits.
    What types of services does the Family Support Center provide?
    The center's goal is to foster family communication and well-being, healthy youth development and success in school.  In order to accomplish this, there is a spectrum of services available, including: 
    • Individual and family counseling
    • Support groups
    • Parenting groups
    • Referrals and information to outside community resources
    CSAT makes it easy:
    The Family Support Center is also home to other CSAT services, making it easier for parents and families to take care of business in one trip.  Other services the Family Support Center handles includes:
    • Transportation Services
    • Enrollment Office
    • Uniform purchases

    Who can participate?

    CSAT believes that strong families mean successful students, therefore any K-12 student and their family are not only welcome, but encouraged to participate in the Family Support Center and the services it offers.

    When are the services available?
    Hours are Monday -Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.  Appointments can also be made after-hours on Tuesday and on Saturdays; contact Sarah Rohde for more information or to make an appointment.

    Who would provide counseling and support?
    The Family Support Center provides services campus-wide.  Sarah Rohde is a licensed Social Worker with a degree from the University of Buffalo.  For seven years she has specialized in social work, therapy and also as a resource specialist.  Sarah is highly qualified and is eager to work with the CSAT community who are seeking guidance.

    How much does it cost?
    Nothing!  Every aspect offered is free and confidential.  The center is here to assist in a positive and cost-free environment to ensure the success of its clients. 

    Will there be any other services available in the future? 
    The center will be adding programs to assist parents/guardians in their quests to find jobs and/or improve their skill-set, as well as improve communication with their child.  

    To schedule an appointment or to ask any further questions contact Sarah Rohde at srohde@csat-k12.org or call 871-7400 ext 4106.