Director of Nursing Services
    Tara Jefferson, RN, BS, MBA  
    Phone: 716-876-7505, ext. 1139
    Fax: 716-303-7209

    K-12 Medical Office Assistant
    Cathleen Nelles, LPN
    Phone: 716-876-7505, ext. 1108
    Fax 716-303-7209 or 716-303-7214

    Elementary School (K-5) Nurse's Office
    Phone: 716-876-7505
    Fax: 716-303-7209
    TBD (ext. 1117)
    Nancy Cliff, MSN, RN

    Middle School (6-8) Nurse's Office
    Phone: 716-710-3066
    Fax: 716-303-7212

    High School (9-12) Nurse's Office
    Phone: 716-871-7400, ext. 3107 
    Fax: 716-303-7214
    Sybria N. Laney, LPN 
    At CSAT, our caring and professional nurses are available to students, staff and parents each and every day during regular school hours. 
    The role of school nurse are many, but some of the most important include:
    • Serve as a liaison between home and school regarding health concerns.
    • Offer the latest health information to the school community.
    • Conduct regular health screenings (physicals, vision, hearing, etc.)
    • Provide emergency first aid
    • Evaluate the health needs of students and staff
    • Monitor student compliance with state immunization laws
    Questions and concerns are always welcome. Phone numbers and email addresses (simply click a nurse's name) are included at the top of this page. Additional information is available via the links to the left.