Created to support and empower city students in their education endeavors, including graduation from high school and college, Say Yes offers a tuition scholarship to eligible city of Buffalo students. The "last dollar" (after state and federal grants are applied for) is a tuition guarantee program, capped at SUNY tuition costs. The award covers only tuition, not costs for room and board, books and other fees.
    CSAT Eligibility Requirements
    - Student must be a graduate of CSAT starting in the year 2019.
    - Live in the City of Buffalo
    - Attend a Buffalo Public or Charter School (including CSAT) for a minimum of four consecutive years, grades 9-12 is required
    - Apply for all federal and state financial aid programs available (FASFA and New York State TAP)
    - Enroll full-time at a Say Yes Buffalo partner college within one year of high school graduation
    Transfer Students
    Any student who transfers to CSAT in grades 9, 10, 11 or 12 (from a public or charter school located within the City of Buffalo) and meets all other Say Yes Buffalo eligibility requirements will not lose his/her Say Yes eligibility. A small number of students could be scholarship eligible even if they graduate between 2015 and 2018.
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