Attention parents/guardians of Hybrid Leaners: please view the important information located on the left hand side of the screen including information about testing for in-person students.


    Given the NYSED guidance and mandates for bringing students back to the building, we are unable to have all grades return to in-person learning.

    GRADES K-2
    Beginning January 25, 2021, K-2 Hybrid Learners who previously attended in-person classes in November 2020 will resume attendance. Please note that due to NYSED guidance and mandates on social distancing and classroom size, we are unable to add additional K-2 students to this group at this time. Should you be interested in having your child attend hybrid you can call the main office and place them on the waitlist.

    GRADE 3
    Also beginning January 25,
     we will bring Grade 3 back to the building in a hybrid fashion with students attending classes in two Cohorts. Grade 3 parents who completed our recent survey and opted for in-person instruction will soon be contacted with additional information about what days their students will attend, either Monday/Tuesday, or Thursday/Friday. All other Grade 3 students, including those who did not complete the survey, will remain fully remote.

    GRADES 4 & 5
    The Elementary School is planning for a hybrid model of instruction for grades 4 & 5 to begin Monday, February 22. If you are the parent of a Grade 4 or 5 student who completed our recent survey and opted for in-person instruction, you will be contacted by building administration.

    To all grade 3, 4 & 5 families. Please note that in order to accommodate students in both a hybrid and remote setting, your child’s current teacher assignment may be subject to change. More information will be communicated regarding possible changes. Grade 3 teacher assignment changes would be effective January 25. Grade 4 & 5 teacher assignment changes would be effective for the third quarter of the school year.

    GRADE 6
    The Middle School is planning a four-day a week return for Grade 6 effective Monday, January 25. Students will attend in person Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Grade 6 parents who completed our recent survey and opted for in-person instruction will be contacted soon with additional information. All other Grade 6 students will remain remote.

    GRADES 7 & 8
    At this time, we are unable to bring grades 7 and 8 to the building in a hybrid fashion. The Middle School will be bringing in select students from each of these grades with a goal of transitioning to a hybrid model for these grades sometime in the future. If your child has been requested for in-school attendance, you will be contacted by building administration.


    At this time, we are planning for an altered hybrid model of instruction at the High School. Students will be brought back in Cohorts (A/B or C/D).

    Grades 9 and 12 would attend two days per week, every other week, beginning Monday, February 22, 2021.

    Grades 10 and 11 would attend two days per week, every other week, beginning Monday, March 1, 2021.

    For example, if you have a 12th grader at home, they will attend two days per week the weeks of February 22, March 8 and March 22. All other learning would be done virtually, with live lessons on days they are home.


    As you know, the rate of COVID-19 infection is increasing rapidly throughout Erie County. Despite everyone’s best efforts, the rising community spread of the virus has impacted our newly implemented hybrid instructional model. Because of concerns over this, we have made the difficult decision to return to a fully remote instructional model for all students effective November 16. We will remain fully remote until January 4. This is not where we wanted to be. Our faculty and staff worked hard to bring students back to the building, and this setback is devastating to all. We are hopeful that the community can work together for the good of all and help reduce the spread of this virus. Please continue to be vigilant, wear a mask and maintain social distance as best you can. Thank you and be safe.


    K-2 Hybrid instruction begins on Monday, November 2, 2020. All students in grades 3 -5 will remain in remote instruction until at least January. If you completed the survey to send your child back in a hybrid schedule, please take note of when they will be attending school.

    Cohort A – Monday/Tuesday: First day of school will be November 2, 2020.

    Cohort B – Thursday/Friday: First day of school will be November 5, 2020.

    If you need to know what cohort your child is in, please call the main office at (716) 876-7505.

    Hybrid students, K-2, will be receiving a mailing that includes a letter from Administration, guidelines for hybrid school and a schedule from your child’s teacher.

    Transportation: If you requested bus transportation, you should be receiving pick up and drop off time in the mail by Thursday, October 29, 2020.

    PLEASE NOTE: All families, K-5, will see schedule changes come November 2, 2020. The shift is a result of a more comprehensive academic program as we move into the school year. The expectation will be that kids are logging onto “live” sessions and completing assignments for all academic/specials areas, daily.

    Starting November 2, we will slowly begin to transition to a hybrid learning model for our youngest students in Kindergarten, First and Second grade. The hybrid instruction model is designed to provide greater opportunity to physically distance students during instruction, transition and transportation, with a maximum of 10 students per classroom. Student desks will be positioned at least 6’ apart within each classroom. 

    Parents who completed our recent K-2 survey and opted for in-person instruction should have received information in the US mail regarding student attendance days (students will attend either Monday and Tuesday, or Thursday and Friday.) Hybrid students will attend classes two days per week and will remain remote three days per week. All other K-2 students will remain fully remote through January 2.

    If you are the parent of a K-2 student who is returning to in-class instruction, please continue to check this section of the website for additional information.