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    Welcome to the K-5 Counseling homepage!

    Welcome to the K-5 Counseling and Social Work web-page for The Charter School for Applied Technologies. I would like to introduce you to the team of personnel that is here to help you and your child through this school year: 
    • Hanna Josker        —    School Social Worker, Grades K-2       —  Ext. 1109 →   HJOSKER@CSAT-K12.ORG 
    • John Bresnock       —   School Counselor,      Grades 3 - 5       —  Ext. 1210  →  JBRESNOCK@CSAT-K12.ORG
    • Kevin McGriff         —   Behavior Int. Specialist, K-5                  —   Ext. 2218  → KMCGRIFF@CSAT-K12.ORG
    • Joanne Cathcart    —   Behavior Int. Specialist, K-5                  —   Ext. 2219 →  JCATHCART@CSAT-K12.ORG
    • Alexis Krieger        —   School Counselor, Grades K-5              —   Ext. 1207 →   AKRIEGER@CSAT-K12.ORG
    • Sean Brosius         —   School Social Worker, Grades K-5        —   Ext. 1207 →   SEBROSIUS@CSAT-K12.ORG


    As a team we make every effort to ensure your child has a safe and caring place to learn. We are here to support you and your child in every way we can. We offer group counseling activities that include enhancing social skills, peer involvement and interaction, conflict resolution skills, anger management skills, as well as, individual counseling sessions that help students in times of personal crisis and dilemmas. We also provide links to many resources outside of the scope of school counseling, including local agencies and community centers that can provide better services to you, your family and children. Please browse our web-page for additional information about our services, permission forms, and our ongoing activities at CSAT!
    Click here to learn more about CSAT's confidential and cost-free Family Support Center!

  • Gateway-Longview
    Do you feel overwhelmed? Are you struggling or could you use some extra support for yourself or your child?
    Gateway-Longview Behavior Health Clinic can help! They can help with grief and loss, mood and anxiety disorders, communication improving, parenting support and much more. For more information, please visit www.gateway-longview.org or contact Mrs. Dionne at (716) 876-7505 EXT. 1211