• School Safety

    Every student deserves a safe and orderly school, an educational environment where they feel welcome and supported. In accordance with New York State's Safe Schools Against Violence (SAVE) Legislation, the Charter School for Applied Technologies' district-wide and building-level school safety plans identify specific safety and security programs that focus on prevention, intervention and crisis response. 
    Building-level emergency response plans are in place in all three buildings (K-5, 6-8 and 9 -12) detailing how to respond to emergencies that could affect the health and safety of children. These plans reflect the protocols defined in the district-wide plan. Each school has designated staff members who have been trained to respond in emergency situations.
    A brochure that provides information about district safety, how to prepare in advance of an emergency and what parents should do in the event of an emergency situation, is available at the link below. 
    During an emergency, every possible step will be taken to ensure student safety. If a crisis occurs during school hours, CSAT is prepared to keep your children secure and safe at school should a situation arise that prevents or postpones dismissal (e.g. weather emergency; biological or chemical incident). Our schools, government officials and first responder agencies will make every effort to provide a steady, reliable flow of information, using the mass media and every means possible (e.g. telephone -- One Call Now, website).
    Please be sure the school has current phone numbers to reach you or your designee. Call Susan Bilquin at 871-7400 ext. 4120 to update your contact information. If you have questions about your child’s school, please contact your principal.
    If you'd like to report a safety concern, email Safety-District@csat-k12.org or call 876-7505.