In support of the school's mission, the CSAT Technology program's aim is to provide staff, students and the community in general with access and training in technological tools that will facilitate high levels of student achievement and lay the foundation for the school to achieve its overall mission.
    Technology's Vision Statement
    CSAT will provide the technological resources and support necessary to assure that all students will meet the New York State Learning Standards and become self-directed, self-motivated, and lifelong learners.
    • Students will graduate from the school with the technological literacy necessary to succeed in the ever-changing "world of work" and to become valued members of our community.
    • Teachers will increasingly become facilitators of student learning through proficient use of technology embedded in curriculum. They will incorporate high-quality information resources into their teaching strategies to address multiple learning styles, motivate and engage students, and support exploration and growth.
    • Support staff will be efficient users of technology to best support the overall school mission in a manner that allows the greatest amount of resources to be focused on direct student services.
    • Families and community members will be able to utilize the technological resources available at CSAT to better support their children in being successful students.