Effective July 1, 2012 federal law states that NO student, no matter their background, be subjected to harassment or discrimination.
    CSAT fully supports the Dignity Act and is committed to ensuring that all students benefit from a safe and supportive school environment, free from the fear of discrimination or harassment, including bullying. 

    Refer to the Dignity Act Policy below for more detailed information. Concerns? Contact the appropriate Dignity Act Coordinator listed below.

    Elementary School (K-5)
    John Bresnock, school counselor
    (716) 876-7505, ext. 2215
    email: jbresnock@csat-k12.org

    Middle School (6-8)
    Jared Lincourt, dean of students
    (716) 710-3065, ext 8129
    email: jlincourt@csat-k12.org

    High School (9-12)
    Courtney Doyle, behavior intervention specialist
    (716) 871-7400, ext 3117
    email: cdoyle@csat-k12.org