Ensuring that your child arrives at school and returns home safely is a top priority of the school district.  CSAT encourages families to inform the Transportation Office, located in the Family Support Center, immediately of any bussing changes as it takes up to two weeks to process.  Same day changes are not possible.

    Yellow Bus Transportation
    All students receiving yellow bus transportation are entitled to have only one (1) bus route assigned to them at any time. Students cannot be scheduled for more than one pick-up or drop-off location. Should a parent wish to alter their child(ren)’s pick-up and/or drop-off location they will need to contact the CSAT Transportation Coordinator (Karen Gould, ext. 4118) and submit a transportation change which may take up to two weeks to take effect. Therefore, please plan accordingly and provide the school advanced notice of any planned transportation changes.
    Parents in need of temporary changes to their child(ren)'s bus schedule should also contact the Transportation Coordinator to seek a Temporary Bus Pass which will take a minimum of forty-eight (48) hours from the time of parent notification to take effect and can only be granted for a period of up to ten (10) consecutive schools days. Temporary Bus Passes cannot be issued to students on the same day they are requested.
    How do I change my child's bussing route?
    Easy!  The Family Support Center has all the required forms needed to update your child's change in route.  Please make sure to bring proof of residency (utility bill, rental agreement, etc.) if you have changed addresses. Changes to your child's transportation cannot be made without it!
    What if my child takes the NFTA metro bus?
    All concerns regarding the metro bus are handled in the High School Main Office. Contact Eileen Whitehead with questions or concerns: 871-7400.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child's transportation contact:

    Karen Gould
    Transportation Coordinator
    (716) 871-7400 ext. 4118 

    In the event of an emergency after school hours please call your child's bus company at one of the numbers listed below:

    Buffalo Busses

    200’s – (716) 874-0544

    300’s & 400’s – (716) 835-5410

    500’s – (716) 826 -4771

    600’s – (716) 896-1171

    700’s, 800’s & 900’s – (716) 894-4778

    Lackawanna, City of Tonawanda & North Tonawanda busses

    24, 25, 56, 57 – (716) 832-4379

    Note: Where your student’s District of Residence provides transportation, the District of Residence is responsible for the safety of your student and all students riding their school buses.  The District of Residence has the right to regulate students’ conduct on the bus for the safety of all, via its Code of Conduct.  Each CSAT student must familiarize himself/herself with the District of Residence’s Code of Conduct and comply with its requirements.  Each District makes its Code of Conduct publicly available – usually on that District’s website.  If you cannot find your District of Residence’s Code of Conduct, please call the Superintendent’s office of your District of Residence.  The CSAT Code of Conduct is available here.