• Career Preparation
    What sets CSAT apart from other Charter Schools? We have made it our mission for every student to leave our doors with the skills they need to succeed and the knowledge to make positive decisions about their future. From day one, our students are introduced to professionals from every field imaginable. Can you remember the day you discovered your true life’s path?  At CSAT, we strive to make sure that day comes sooner rather than later.
    OUR MISSION: The Charter School for Applied Technologies prepares students to attain family-sustaining careers by integrating career exploration and a lifelong learning culture.  
    Why is it important for schools to have Career Preparation programs?  Numerous studies have shown that young people who take part in career-related activities are:
    • Less likely to drop out;
    • More likely to pursue post-secondary education; and
    • Make more money than their schoolmates.

    Simply put, career preparation improves lives.

    CSAT's Career to School Payoff
    Every one of our students, regardless of their academic performance, socioeconomic standing, or personal goals, is headed for the “World of Work.”  Some may enter the workplace after receiving a diploma from CSAT, while others will do so after college.  Either way, they will need to be armed with the skills and knowledge that will allow them to succeed in the real world.