Dear CSAT Community:

    Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year – a school year that certainly will be unique as we opened our doors on August 31 in a full remote model. The runway leading up to the start of this school year has been eventful and challenging for all, but our team of CSAT educators are moving forward and we are encouraged by a fresh beginning full of new opportunities for students.

    The start of the school year is a chance for us to reflect on CSAT Core Values. This year is no exception. In fact, I would like to highlight the CSAT motto that you may encounter on a regular basis because it appears on the front page of our website: Where Every Day is Career Day.

    We’re happy to report that we have reached every student within CSAT by distributing Windows computers to Grades K-2 and providing K-1 students with the necessary materials until they receive their Windows device and training in the coming weeks.  With the new one-to-one system in place, our students were equipped to begin remote learning with a strong start on day one.  CSAT teachers, counselors and aides will be interacting with every student, every day in a variety of ways including through live interaction, synchronous and asynchronous instruction, and support.

    Every challenge that emerges will be thoughtfully discussed and reviewed by a team of educators, administrators, board members, parents, and students when appropriate.   Areas of concern such as instruction, health and safety, social-emotional wellness, family and community engagement, and operations issues will continue to be addressed throughout the year. Continuously monitoring changing circumstances and direction from governmental agencies will guide our path forward including a potential return to physical classrooms in the future.  Our decisions will be based on data and science while keeping the safety of students and employees as the first priority. 

    Though not physically open at the start of the school year, many of our facilities project will be completed by the time we are able to return to school.  The new CSAT parent drop-off and parking lot is will be finalized in the coming weeks, creating a safer environment and a more welcoming and enjoyable space for parents and the community.

    I’d like to take a moment to welcome our new faculty and staff members and offer to assist as everyone comes back to our various programs. Many of our team members worked diligently throughout the summer. I appreciate everyone’s contributions, including all of the hard work and determination put forth by our teachers who have been participating in professional development sessions focused on improving distance learning for our students. CSAT continues to thrive because of the unwavering commitment from our amazing employees, and we are eager to move forward on our path toward a successful school year.

    Please also consider supporting our PTO, Sports Booster clubs, and other school/classroom volunteer opportunities.  Connecting with these organizations along with your student’s teachers, principals, counselors and support personnel is critical in ensuring that the tradition of high-quality education here at CSAT continues now and in the future. 

    I’m looking forward to a successful year ahead.

    Thank you,

    Andrew Lyle