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High School Photography II Students Learn from Buffalo Based Photographer

Students enrolled in Mr. Latona's Photography 2 course recently took part in a multi-day photography experience with Buffalo based Professional Photographer David Jaan.


Mr. David Jaan first visiteo providing tips and tricks which students could use as they traveled to Buffalo State College to take photos on campusd the school and spoke in-depth with the class about his life as a photographer, including the ups and downs he faced in his career. Mr. Jaan’s introduction to his career began non-traditionally, with no formal schooling. Photography was something he took an interest in later in life, developing from his love of light. He noted that while there were times he was not flourishing, he was able to overcome obstacles and came back stronger. He also showcased his accomplishments in addition t. Part II of his visit featured a Photoshop workshop where Mr. Jaan showed students various editing techniques, and helped the students edit and print photos they took on their field trip the previous day. The results were outstanding. 


Thank you to Mr. Jaan for giving his time to our school and for providing invaluable knowledge and experience to our students.