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Buffalo News Salute to Seniors includes CSAT Standouts


Mark Mulville, Buffalo News photographer, recently embarked on a large-scale project to honor WNY High School Seniors, visiting almost 80 schools and photographing close to 350 students. CSAT is thrilled to be included in the BN Salute to Seniors which recognizes standouts who truly embody the spirit of high school.


Standouts from CSAT include: Calvin Brown (Science Olympiad); Edwin Williams (Leadership), Juan Brown (Athletics); Abigail Clayton (Music) and Elizabeth Thida Htway (Art).


The BN Salute to Seniors is set to start running in the print edition of the Buffalo News this Sunday, June 14 with additional picture page each day Tuesday, June 16 through Saturday, June 20. The entire gallery is available online here:


Individual Images: