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School Safety Reminders

We understand emotions are high after the recent school shooting in Texas and the grocery store shooting close to home. Building-level emergency response plans are in place in all three buildings detailing how to respond to emergencies that could affect the health and safety of our students. 

As a reminder, a brochure that provides information about district safety, how to prepare in advance of an emergency and what parents should do in the event of an emergency situation is available by clicking here. Additional school safety documents can be found here, including our school-wide safety plan.

We ask that parents please familiarize themselves with the terms used by school officials during an emergency situation to inform staff, students and parents of the appropriate response actions that should take place:

Shelter In Place
May occur during a medical or police emergency, or a chemical threat outside. Students and staff are not allowed in hallways and cannot leave their respective rooms. Classroom activities continue but no activity is allowed in the hallways, including transitions.
A response to an actual or potential threat from outside of the school building. This could be related to criminal activity or a fire nearby. All doors and windows are locked, and no person is allowed in or out of the building. All activities within the building, including transitions to classes, continue as normal.
Is initiated when there is an actual or imminent threat in which students should be kept in locked rooms within the school building. This may occur if there is an intruder in the building, a hostage situation or biological threat. Students are kept in locked room with zero classroom or hallway activity until notified otherwise by emergency responders or law enforcement personnel.
Each building has procedures for a partial or complete evacuation, including a designated safe location to which students and staff may be transported. If students are to be released from the off-site location, parents will be directed where to pick up their children and will be required to sign out their child. A student will be released only to an adult with proper identification and who is documented as an emergency contact.
As always if you have any questions about school safety, we encourage you to reach out to your child's building administrators.