The Board meets in regular session on the second Tuesday of each month.  Please consult Eagle preview, website, and electronic bulletin boards for dates. Unless otherwise announced, our meetings take place in the Board Room at our Vulcan Street building (CSAT Family Support Center), beginning at 4:30 p.m. Your attendance and participation are invited.

    The Board sets time aside near the beginning of each regular meeting agenda to receive comments from the public.  The Board’s Chairperson may ask those wishing to address the Board to place their names on a Speakers List.  The Chairperson has established a time limit of five (5) minutes for each speaker so that all who wish to address the Board will have an opportunity do so and so that there is enough time to cover all agenda items.

    In addition to speaking during the public comment portion of our agendas, you are welcome to submit letters, petitions or other items of information to the Board, either at our meetings or by mailing items to the Chairperson.

    Speakers are asked to refrain from using names in criticisms of individual staff members or comments related to particular parents, students or other individuals by their names.

    While members of the Board may ask brief clarifying questions, the primary purpose of the public comment portion of the agenda is simply to receive comments – not to discuss or debate issues at length.  Matters are typically referred either to the superintendent or to one of the Board’s committees when follow up is called for.

    Following the public comment portion of the agenda, the Board receives various reports and takes action on resolutions presented to it.  The public is invited to observe these discussions.  However, the public does not engage in discussion with the Board at this time.

    From time to time, the Board may vote to enter into Executive Session to take up items that should not be discussed in public.  New York State’s Public Meeting Laws describe the topics that may be discussed by a public body in private session, including matters involving the evaluation of personnel, litigation, contract negotiations, and personal medical information.

    Comments may be directed to CSAT Board of Trustees Chairperson: 

    Charter School for Applied Technologies Board of Trustees

    2303 Kenmore Ave

    Buffalo NY  14207