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  • Library Policies & Procedures

    Students are encouraged to use the library to read, learn how to find and use information, do research and study.

    Students may use the library with their class, during lunch, during study hall, or with a travel pass from a teacher.

    If a student wants to use the library during their lunch period they should report to the library at the beginning of the day first and request a library lunch pass.  If they have received a signed library lunch pass, they should report to the cafeteria and then follow the proper procedures for going to the library.  The lunch room duty teacher must sign their travel pass before they leave the cafeteria.

    The library may be closed to students during lunch periods when the library is being used for whole class instruction or if there is a large study hall class.

    Books may be borrowed for two weeks.  Students may borrow up to three books at one time and may renew them once for an additional two weeks.

    Magazines, videos/DVDs, and reference books may not be checked out.

    The library does not charge fines for late items, but the administration reserves the right to hold the report card, transcrips, or students will not receive their cap and gown of any student who has not returned library materials or has not paid for a lost item.

    Students can use the Internet for research and homework only.  Any student who misuses the computer or does not follow proper "Netiquette" will not be allowed future access to CSAT's computer network.  The Computer Acceptable Use Policy Contract must be read and signed by the student and their parent or guardian prior to using any computer at CSAT.

    Gum and candy are not permitted in the library.  Food and drinks are allowed with permission in the library area only.  Gum, candy, food, and drinks are NOT allowed in the library computer lab area.  

    We are not a Ssshhh-ing library.  Talking quietly is permitted, but students must remember that others are studying.

    Chairs should be pushed in when students leave.

Last Modified on July 16, 2018