The Athletic Placement Process (APP) permits physically and emotionally appropriate students to try out for an athletic team that is outside of their grade placement. Any incoming 7th or 8th grader who would like to attempt to gain an invitation to play on a junior varsity or varsity team must go through the APP.

    When and where do I take the test?

    Fall APP dates TBD.

    The APP Packet can be found in the "Athletic Placement Process Files" section at the bottome of this page. This is the entire packet of information regarding the Athletic Placement Process. This packet includes a lot of information including the new tests, descriptions of the tests, and Tanner information. Please read it carefully.

    Tanner Levels:

    The new Tanner Levels as of July 2016 can be found in the "Athletic Placement Process Files" section at the bottom of this page. 

    Changes to the Selection Classification program:

    The New York State Education Department voted to revise the Selection Classification program. The biggest differences are as follow:

    • Out are the broad jump, 1.5-mile run, arm hang and the 50-yard dash.
    • The test will now include: Sit-ups, shuttle run, 1-mile run, pull-ups, sit and reach (flexibility).

    To pass the Fitness Component, students must attain 85th percentile (from national norms for their age) in 4 of 5 tests. The Tanner Level requirement has been revised as well. Previously, the highest Tanner Level student-athletes needed to reach was a #4. The New York State Education Department has now created a Tanner #5. To play at the varsity level, a Tanner Level of #5 is now required in 17 boys sports and 17 girls sports.

    A third change is that SED will NO LONGER consider any appeals.

    Also remember that once a student athlete competes at a higher level, they will not be able to return to play at a lower level.

Athletic Placement Process (APP) Files