CSAT takes the privacy of its staff and student data very seriously. We utilize multiple security controls and follow the regulations and best practices put forth by FERPA, CIPA, NIST CSF and other industry standards in order to protect this data, in addition to following the NYS Ed Law 2d regulations which calls for third party vendors that we engage with to also provide protective security controls along with a formal contract between the two parties. In order to provide our daily education services, CSAT authorizes the appropriate use of student and staff data with the proper entities. 

    CSAT also provides a Parents Bill of Rights for Data Privacy and Security for review, which can be accessed here Parents Bill of Rights

    In accordance with NYS Ed Law 2d and Part 121, the approved software listed here (utilized by CSAT) also complies with these regulations.  


    CSAT has also adopted a formal Data Privacy and Security Policy (Policy 2020-5676) below that details our student, staff and organizational data security practices.