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    At the Charter School for Applied Technologies, we realize that students are never too young to use computers. The Elementary Technology Education Program introduces computers in Kindergarten and by the end of 8th grade all have mastered the basic concepts of computer foundations, computer applications, engineering and design.

    Technology Education is an exploratory program that emphasizes the connection between academics and real world experiences.  Through the practical application of math, science, social studies, ELA and art skills, students will complete several projects both individually and in teams.  A problem-solving approach is used to help the students gain critical thinking skills and creativity.

    Students explore how people use, create and manipulate technology while applying their knowledge in mathematics, language arts, social studies and science. Having these experiences develops better psychomotor skills and helps builds self-confidence in a world that acquires some degree of computer literacy to succeed.

    Miss Jennifer Bialek
    K-2 Literacy Technology
    Room A108
    Mrs. Sara Carbone
    3-5 Literacy Technology 
    Room A243
    Mrs. Pepper Thomas
    K-3 Literacy Technology 
    Room A242