• Parking for all student drop offs will be in the Seabrook Parking lot across the street from the school.
           Students will not be able to enter the building until 7:50am as there is no adult supervision until then.
           Parents will not be allowed to enter the building to escort students to their classrooms.
         • First period starts at 8:15 am. Any student arriving to the building/classroom after 8:15 am
            is considered late and must immediately report to the main office to sign in and receive a late pass.
         • Upon entering the building students are NOT ALLOWED to utilize their personal electronic devices.
            If electronics are seen by any staff member school protocols will be followed.

          • Walkers and pickups will have a staggered dismissal. PHOTO I.D. is REQUIRED for all pickups. 
            All students must be picked up by 3:50 pm.
          • Kindergarten & 1st Grade as well as those with siblings will be dismissed at 3:25 pm.
             Please enter door #2.
          • 2nd – 5th Grade students will be dismissed at 3:30 pm. Please enter door #11.

    Any student who is picked up every day from school at dismissal by a parent/guardian must have a note on file in the main office. The note must be signed by a parent/guardian. If at any time a student must have a temporary pick-up arrangement, a parent/guardian note must be provided to the main office prior to the dates of pick-up.

    Any student leaving school early must have a note signed by their parent/guardian notifying the main office the morning of the day they will be leaving early. In the case of an emergency pick-up the main office MUST be notified no later than 1:00 pm and parents/guardians MUST bring a Photo I.D. when signing out their child(ren) at the main office. Additionally, all early dismissals must take place prior to 3:00pm or the students will go to their designated dismissal location. No student will be allowed to leave the campus without first being signed out at the main office.

    Parents/Guardians must designate adults who are allowed to pick up their child(ren) from the school. This is done by contacting the main office and providing written documentation giving those individuals permission. They must be over the age of 18 and have proper identification for the school to release the child(ren). If for any reason someone other than those designated adults or emergency contacts comes to pick up your child(ren), the main office must have a written note from the parent/guardian giving said person permission to pick up the child(ren). Any other notification will not be sufficient in this situation and the child(ren) will not be released.

    Any student designated as a walker for the entire school year must provide the main office with a parent note stating such on the first day of school. If at any time a student must have a temporary walking arrangement a parent note must be provided to the main office prior to beginning as a walker.