CSAT is proud to operate our own on-site greenhouse!

    Our greenhouse facility is a smaller version of a commercial unit, allowing students to work in the greenhouse throughout the school year in a controlled environment. Our mission is to educate our students about the concept of farm to table and how it's done with hydroponics. This is a hands on experience involving planting seeds, transplanting seedlings, caring for the plant as it matures, harvesting the crop and finally eating the fruits of their labor in our own CSAT kitchens.

    The majority of our plants are grown hydroponically using water and dissolved nutrients rather than soil. Hydroponics is used throughout the U.S. and in many other parts of the world. 

    • Faster growth
    • better tasting foods
    • Less land and labor needed
    • Less crop failure
    • The ability to grow plants in any season
    • Less fertilizer needed (our nutrient solutions are recycled which helps to preserve the water table) and many more.