• Microsoft Store Events

    Do you love technology? Here are opportunities to learn more at the Microsoft Store in the Galleria Mall!

    *These events are not sponsored by CSAT. Parents/Guardians may be required to stay for events. This list will be updated whenever we receive new event information. 

    FREE Microsoft Store Summer Camps 2019

    Walden Galleria Microsoft Store

    Registration & camp description— please visit www.microsoft.com/buffalo, scroll down to the event calendar and filter by date. Select camp you want to register for and click “RSVP”. Here you will also find a full description of each camp. Each attendee needs their own registration.  (If you register more than one attendee, due to how our system works, both registrations will be listed under the same name).  The ages listed below are suggested.


    Four day camps—

    *These will run Monday-Thursday

    NEW: Design and Create Your Own Video Games with MakeCode, ages 8-12

    June 24th– 27th from 10-12 PM

    July 8th- 11th from 10-12 PM

    July 29th– August 1st from 1-3 PM

    August 12th- 15th from 4-6 PM

    NEW: Gaming Summer Camp- Grow Your Passion for Gaming & Learn Positive Life Skills, ages 8-12

    June 24th- 27th from 4-6 PM

    August 5th- 8th from 1-3 PM

    August 12th- 15th from 10-12 PM

    August 26th- 29th from 4-6 PM


    Minecraft Coding- Learn Computer Science with your favorite game camp, ages 8-12

    July 15th- 18th from 1-3 PM

    August 5th- 8th from 4-6 PM

    August 19th- 22nd from 10-12 PM

    August 26th- 29th from 1-3 PM

    Start Your Own Business, ages 8-12

    July 15th- 18th from 4-6 PM

    August 19th- 22nd from 1-3 PM


    Two day camps—

    Code a talking robot with Ohbot, ages 8-12

    July 1st & 2nd (Monday & Tuesday) from 10am-12pm

    July 31st & August 1st (Wednesday & Thursday) from 4-6 PM

    August 12th & 13th (Monday & Tuesday) from 1-3 PM

    August 28th & 29th (Wednesday & Thursday) from 10-12 PM

    NEW: Get Creative with Ohbot the talking robot, ages 8-12

    June 24th & 25th (Monday & Tuesday) from 1-3 PM

    July 3rd & 5th (Wednesday & Friday) from 10-12 PM*

    July 17th & 18th (Wednesday & Thursday) from 10-12 PM

    July 22nd & 23rd (Monday & Tuesday) from 4-6 PM

    August 5th & 6th (Monday & Tuesday) from 10-12 PM

    *Please note, this workshop will take place on Wednesday and Friday due to the July 4th holiday.

    Make Your Own Movies with 3D and Mixed Reality, ages 8-12

    July 1st & July 2nd (Monday & Tuesday) from 1-3 PM

    August 19th & August 20th (Monday & Tuesday) from 4-6 PM

    August 26th & August 27th (Monday & Tuesday) from 10-12 PM


    One day camps—

    Beginners Fun with Coding, ages 6+

    June 28th (Friday) from 1-3 PM

    July 3rd (Wednesday) from 4– 6 PM

    August 21st (Wednesday) from 4-6 PM

    Literacy Skills for Emerging Readers, ages 6+

    July 1st (Monday) from 4-6pm

    Boost Your Reading Confidence with Literacy Tools, ages 8-12

    July 2nd (Tuesday) from 4-6 PM

    August 2nd (Friday) from 1-3 PM

    Get Creative with Paint 3D, ages 8-12

    June 28th (Friday) from 10-12 PM

    July 5th (Friday) from 4-6 PM

    July 24th (Wednesday) from 4-6 PM

    August 7th (Wednesday) from 10-12 PM

    August 23rd (Friday) from 10-12 PM

    Make Hustle Happen, ages 8-12

    July 3rd (Wednesday) from 1-3 PM

    August 8th (Thursday) from 10-12 PM



    For questions about these events, you can contact Emily Rautenstrauch at the Microsoft Store: empricol@microsoft.com