• MY PATHway

    CSAT's motto is "Every day is career day," and is committed to exposing students to the world of work.  Whether it's teaching students the "soft skills" or assisting them in finding internships, job shadows or on-site visits with local organizations, CSAT takes pride in its career preparation mentality.  With its new MY PATHway tool, career exploration has become easier for students and parents.  
    What is MY PATHway?
    CSAT is aware of the struggles for young workers to find a career-stable, family-sustaining career after high school.  Whether you're going to college, the military or straight into the workforce, MY PATHway's mission is have each student graduate with a concrete individualized plan for post-high school endeavors, and to inform students and parents alike of the most in demand careers in the Western New York region so students can be as successful as possible.
    There's something for everyone!
    CSAT researched and broke down the in demand careers into four fields: advanced manufacturing, medical, technology and professional services.  The fields are so diverse, there's a career for everyone!  Even if students are unsure of where they'd like to end up after high school, CSAT helps students to identify what skills they have and where to apply them.  
    For example, if you like science and helping people, the medical field might be for you; if you're hands on and don't want that "desk job," look into advanced manufacturing; if you're interested in computers and designing or building things, the technology field might be of interest to you; and if you're interested in taking the more independent route (finance, owning a business, writing, etc.) the professional services field can accommodate you.