• 2021-22 Dress Code

    All students (K-12)
    • School-issued, CSAT polo shirt. (Alternate school-logoed apparel may be approved on a specific basis to recognize school-sponsored activities).  School-issued athletic uniforms cannot be worn during the regular school day.
    • School-logoed fleece, solid navy blue or black knit sweater or school-logoed apparel may be worn over CSAT shirts.
    • If undershirt is worn, it must be white.
    • Footwear should consist of black dress shoes with a hard rubber sole and closed toe, or all black sneakers.  No multicolored sneakers, work boots, sandals, military boots or winter boots including Uggs, Timberland, Crocs etc.
    • If a belt is worn, no decorative buckles.  
    • Navy or black properly sized (must be firmly around waistline) dress pants.  Navy or black shorts may be worn August through Oct 1st and from May 1st through June.
    • Navy or black dress pants or knee-length skirts.  Navy or black capri-style pants or shorts may be worn from August through Oct 1st and from May 1st through June.  

    General Dress Code Information (All Students)

    • Clothing should be neat, clean and in good repair and neither too short/long, too tight, nor too revealing.
    • Headwear may be worn for religious purposes only.
    • Hair color other than natural colors is not permitted. 
    • Reasonable sized purses that are not disruptive to the classroom environment are acceptable.
    • Students are allowed to wear one pair of stud earrings in their ears, and a wrist watch (excluding Smart watches). The wearing of any other jewelry is prohibited.  Piercing retainers are allowed if they are clear and flush with the skin. Retainers can be purchased from administration.
    • Outdoor attire (including hats, coats, jackets, parkas, gloves, scarves, winter headbands, and hoodies) will not be worn in school and should remain in the student’s locker throughout the day.
    • No wearing of any headphones.
    • No wearing of hooded sweatshirts, with or without a CSAT logo.

    If a student is discovered out of compliance with the dress code he/she will be required to remedy the situation immediately. If the apparel is not in school he/she will be expected to call home to obtain it. If there is no way to remedy the situation the student will not be allowed to return to class and will spend the remainder of the day in the Problem-Solving Room or will be sent home.

    Parents confronting financial difficulties that prevent them for obtaining school-issued items should contact the school principal in order to apply for assistance.