• Frequently Asked Questions

    CSAT has answered some questions parents might have. If you have further questions, feel free to call the school.
    Why has CSAT created the policy that students must be in class 95 percent of the time throughout the school year?
    CSAT can't give your child the quality education they deserve unless they are in class, on time, and prepared to learn. That is why CSAT is implementing this policy, which is set to encourage families to have their children here on time, every day. CSAT also wants to encourage families to set up tutoring services or alternate site instruction, if your child will be out of school for a long period of time due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances.
    How many absences can my child miss without penalty?
    Students are allotted nine absences for the entire school year without school counselors following up with the family. After nine, a call will be made to your residence by a counselor. After that, a legal excused absence is required (see below); if one is not received, CSAT reserves the right for further action to ensure your child is in school. Please refer to the Progression Monitoring page to the left of this page for further information regarding additional absences.
    Are both excused and unexcused absences counts toward the initial nine absences?
    Yes. The reason behind that is the school would like to encourage students to make up missed instructional time with tutoring or intervention time. CSAT is more than willing to set this up with you so your child does not fall behind.
    Why is CSAT creating this policy?
    New York State education standards have increased over the past year. Making it imperative that your child be in class as much as possible so the teachers can teach, and your child can learn.
    What are considered "excused absences"?
    • Medical Appointments
      Whenever possible, please schedule medical appointments before or after school hours. If you must schedule an appointment during school, the appointment will only be excused upon a written note from the medical office.
    • Illness
      Students are allowed up to nine (9) total absences a year without penalty, or three (3) consecutive days due illness. A written excuse from the doctor must be provided if your child is absent from school more than nine days total during the school year, or three days in a row (dates of absence must be clearly marked).
    • Religious Holidays/Cultural Observances
      If your child will be absent from school due to a religious holiday or cultural observance, a parent/guardian must notify the school in writing.
    • Funeral
      Students may be absent up to three days a year because of a funeral. If your child will be missing more than three days, you must get written approval for additional excused time from a teacher, social worker/counselor or principal.