• Attendance Policy

    At CSAT, we strongly believe that student attendance is one of the most important factors relating to the success of every child. CSAT’s attendance policy was created to ensure that students utilize all 390 minutes of daily instruction to its maximum benefit, as academic standards have increased statewide. CSAT’s expectation is that all students be in attendance for a minimum of 95% of all instructional time throughout the year (that’s nine or less absences per year).
    This means that administration closely monitors both excused and unexcused absences. Once a child has missed 9 instructional days, CSAT requires legal excuses (doctor’s note, etc.) for future absences, and will place a call notifying parents/guardians. Further action will be taken based on the number of additional days missed (actions listed on backside of this letter). 
    Below is a list of accepted excused absences, however, excused absences still count against missed instructional time. Therefore, it is your responsibility as parent/guardian to contact the school principal in order to arrange for home tutoring or alternate site instruction.
    Accepted excused absences
    Students are allowed up to nine (9) total absences a year, or three (3) consecutive days due to an excused absence.  Written approval (accepted list below) is required if your child is absent from school more than 9 total days during the school year, or 3 days in a row. 
    ▪ Doctor/Dentist Appointments - Appointment excused only upon receiving a written excuse from a medical office.
    ▪ Illness - Doctor’s note must be provided.
    ▪ Religious Holidays/Cultural Observances - Written note from parent/guardian must be provided.
    ▪ Funeral – Written approval for more than three consecutive days missed must be provided by teacher, social worker/counselor or principal.

    Please be aware that this policy ensures that your child receives the highest quality education that CSAT offers; in order to do that we need them in the classroom ready to learn! If you have further questions, refer to the frequently asked questions answered here